Emerging artist Jayme Orr, an organic singer/songwriter with modern sonic twists, is carving out her path in 2016 as an energetic and determined musical force with the release of her five song debut EP, “Healed.” A highly emotive and melodic singer, the captivating artist is both progressive and classical, blended with an unwavering spirit, focus, and authentic appreciation for the art of songwriting.
    Inspired by powerful and pure vocalists such as Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion, Orr found her voice at a young age and was later influenced by modern female vocalists such as Pink, Kelly Clarkson and Hayley Williams of Paramore. After several years playing in bands in the area to hone her vocal and songwriting talents, Jayme Orr has turned her attention and focus to her solo career. Jayme has experimented with many different genres of music from metal to pop, fluidly evolving into her own unique sound of alternative pop/rock. 
    With a heartfelt desire to create the best music possible, Orr collaborated with producers Josh Karpowicz, Chuck Alkazian, and influential musician Paco Higdon at Pearl Sound Studios beginning in August 2015, incorporating additional talented fellow musicians for the premiere EP. “Healed” has received very enthusiastic pre-release buzz from industry professionals. Additional contributors to the EP include co-writer Justin Richard Holcomb and vocal arranger Jharid Collins.
    Orr’s heartfelt respect and meticulousness to the art has culminated in beautifully developed, relatable songs of life, love and redemption, with rich instrumental layers and catchy hooks. The anthemic “Music Is My Middle Finger” is a commanding example of Orr’s range and power, while the beautifully written and arranged “Love is a War” showcases her versatile melodic abilities. “Healed” is a labor of love, full of the careful thought and attention to detail that defines Orr as an artist. 
    Licensing and radio opportunities facilitated by Chuck Alkazian are being pursued for the singer/songwriter, while collaborations between Orr and other artists are receiving radio play in regions throughout the United States. The new EP and her collaborative works are available at iTunes and other download entities. Hard copies of “Healed” are available at live shows and through the artist. 
    Performing around the Detroit area at notable venues such as the Royal Oak Music Theater, Detroit Yacht Club, and Gem Theater along with many others, Orr plans to expand her live show performances in 2016 and beyond.

Musician. Singer. Songwriter.




Healed - EP

by Jayme Orr